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Self-Healing Corrosion Prevention and Sealant Technology

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International Engineering Support Group

IESG support team has a combined 120+ years of anti-corrosion and engineering experience

What is STOPAQ?

STOPAQ® is a Polyisobutene based, viscous coating (patented).  With properties of a solid and liquid, it's impenetrable to water and oxygen, encapsulating the substrate and providing you with environmentally friendly corrosion prevention solutions.

  • Adheres to most substrates: PVC, PP, PE, FBE, epoxies, neoprene, wood, concrete, glass, stainless steel

  • Impenetrable to water and oxygen

  • Self-healing

  • No internal stress (fully malleable)

  • High chemical resistance (2-12 pH)

  • Non-ageing: No curing, cracking, or drying out (30+ service life)

  • Can be applied underwater or on condensing pipelines (Wrappingband SZ & CL respectively)

  • Operational Temp: -45°C [-49°F] to +120°C *[+248°F] (*CZHT)

  • Zero VOC

  • 100% Solids 

  • No heavy application equipment required  

Recommended surface preparation:

STOPAQ = Hand Tool Cleaning.  No solvents required.  No blasting (St.2 or SSPC.SP2)


STOPAQ® eliminates adhesion and fixation problems to any substrate.  Due to its fluid-like nature and linear visco-elastic properties, STOPAQ® systems provide environmentally friendly corrosion prevention solutions for life.

  • Surface Tolerant:​​

Cold applied.  No primers, no preheating.  No air pockets, no osmosis or MIC.  No disbondment

  • Non-toxic, HSE friendly:

No odors, no VOC's, skin irritant-free, FDA approved, NSF approved​

  • 30+ year service life:

No storage or logistical restrictions​.  Unlimited shelf life.  Indefinite liquid phase.

  • No specialized equipment:

Only a roll and a pair of scissors.  No PPE required.

  • Immediate Backfill:

Immersion or burying is possible immediately after completion of the coating application  

  • No cathodic disbondment:

Thermal friction stress or disbondment related to cathodic protection are no longer issues.

  • Diverse range of applications and industries:

Oil & Gas, Offshore, Subsea, Commercial & Residential Construction, Civil Infrastructure, New Construction & Maintenance, Factory Applied

STOPAQ-USA-Corporate Identity.png

STOPAQ® Applications:

• STOPAQ® Rehabilitation of pipelines
STOPAQ® Field Joints
• STOPAQ® Valves under ground
STOPAQ® Flange Protection
STOPAQ® Inspection Flanges
• STOPAQ® Splashzone Piles
STOPAQ® Sealing Cable Penetrations
STOPAQ® Sealing Pipe Penetrations
• STOPAQ® Coating Repair
STOPAQ® UT Probes, Strain Gauges, Fibre Optics
STOPAQ® Pin braze, Cadweld
STOPAQ® Condensating Pipelines
• STOPAQ® Subsea coating repair


Environmentally Friendly Corrosion Prevention Solutions


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