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STOPAQ® Underwater & Condensing Surface Tolerant Products

STOPAQ Subsea Wrappingband SZ is an anti-corrosion wrappingband for submerged bare and coated steel structures and piping.  Composed of a non-crystalline, low-viscosity, non-crosslinked, fully amorphous homopolymer of Polyisobutene, the eco-friendly Stopaq Subsea system is viscous at the indicated operating temperatures, and due to its liquid nature, flows into all irregularities of the substrate.  The Wrappingband SZ does not cure and is unable to build up internal stresses.  

STOPAQ® Subsea Wrappingband SZ is applied as an elementary part of the Stopaq® Splash Zone Coating System and requires additional mechanical protective layers like STOPAQ® Intermediate Wrap PVC and STOPAQ® Outerglass Shield XT Grey. This improves the wrappingband system's impact and indentation resistance and ensures the adequate performance of the corrosion preventing properties. 


  • Controlled cold flow provides permanent inflow into the smallest pores of the substrate. 

  • Resistance to low temperatures without getting brittle. 

  • Conforms to irregular shapes. 

  • Low surface tension; adheres to many types of dry and wet substrates at a molecular level. 

  • Surface tolerant: no blasting techniques required, wire brushing is sufficient (ISO 8501-1: SSPC-SP 2) 

  • Constant film thickness 

  • Adhesion based on Van der Waals forces 


  • Safe to use. No physical, health, or environmental hazards. 

  • Fast and easy to apply. 

  • Easy to control application. 

  • Can be molded onto various types of irregularly shaped objects

Application Examples:  

Offshore and submerged structures: For protection against external corrosion of steel jetty-pile structures situated in the splash zone. 

Immersed pipelines: For protection against external corrosion of immersed carbon steel pipelines. 

Underwater pipe coating repair: For pipe coating repair, coating rehabilitation, and protection against external corrosion of immersed pipeline coating defects. 

Color: dark green. 

Thickness: 3.5mm [140 mils] ± 10%.  

Temperature ranges: Operational temperatures between -20 to +50 °C [-4 to +122 °F]; short term max +70 °C [+158 °F]. 

Drip resistance: Drip-resistant up to +85 °C [+185 °F]. 

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