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Stopaq Wrappingband CL

STOPAQ® Wrappingband CL is a corrosion preventing wrap that adheres very well to wet surfaces, such as bare or even coated steel pipelines that are plagued with condensation.  The product is non-crystalline or crosslinked;  it is made with a viscous pure homopolymer Polyisobutene. Stopaq® Wrappingband CL, within the operating temperatures, flows into all cracks and bumps of the substrate.  The product does not cure and isn’t able to build up internal stress. Stopaq® Wrappingband CL requires additional application of mechanical protective layers such as our Stopaq® Outerwrap.  It has indentation and impact resistance, which ensures the performance of the corrosion preventing properties. 


  • A controlled cold flow that fills all pores of the substrate. 

  • Low-temperature resistance.  

  • Conforms to all shapes of substrates. 

  • Adheres to nearly all types of dry and wet substrates.  

  • Surface tolerant, wire brushing is sufficient.  

  • Provides consistent film thickness. 

  • Adhesion based on Van der Waals forces.  


  • The products emit no physical, health, or environmental hazards. 

  • Fast application on dry or wet surfaces. 

  • Easy to control when installing. 

  • Can be molded onto various types and shapes of substrates.


Application Examples

The Stopaq Wrappingband CL product offers coating repair on sweating pipelines. It protects against external corrosion in environments with high humidity. 

Products Properties of Stopaq Wrappingband CL

Color: Our wrap comes in dark green  

Thickness: 2,0 mm [80 mils] ± 10% 

Temperature ranges: Operational temperatures between -20 to +50 °C [-4 to +122 °F] 

Drip resistance: Drip-resistant up to +85 °C [+185 °F]   

Adhesion: Peel tests on carbon steel SSPC-SP2 cleanliness  

The coating was applied when the substrate was:

  • Dry

  • Wetted with fresh water

  • Wetted with 3% NaCl solution 

Peel adhesion was tested at +23 °C [+73 °F] and at +50 °C [+122 °F]. In all cases, the coverage was ≥ 95% 

Lap shear test: On steel SSPC-SP2 cleanliness at +23 °C [+73 °F] and at +50 °C [+122 °F], the coverage was ≥ 95%. 



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