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Eco-friendly Surface Tolerant Stopaq Easy-Qote 

STOPAQ Easy-Qote® is an eco-friendly surface tolerant, cold applied, non-crosslinking, non-reactive, 100% solids corrosion preventative base layer applied directly to metallic or primed concrete substrates.  Best used in applications where surface preparation techniques like abrasive blasting, grinding, or etching are not options.  Stopaq Easy-Qote® VE Basecoat has a non-woven backing suitable for the application of a variety of elastomeric topcoats.


  • 100% Solids visco-elastic polymer

  • No Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC)  

  • Immediately ready for use 

  • Surface tolerant product  

  • Works with any surface profile  

  • Provides corrosion protection for steel substrates  

  • Adheres to nearly all dry substrates  

  • A reliable monolithic carrier for our elastomeric topcoats  

  • Low temperature resistant  

  • Offers low surface tension and great substrate wetting  

  • Minimal gas and water vapor permeability  

  • Sound dampening features 

  • Easy dry install, no matter the shape  

  • Operational temperature range from -45 to +70 °C [-49 to +158 ˚F]

Application examples: structural steel, pipeline exterior, secondary containments, tank exteriors, steel, and concrete decking.  Our eco-friendly surface tolerant Stopaq Easy-Qote® VE Basecoat polymer achieves excellent adhesion. It has high tack to non-ferro and ferro-substrates, coated substrates, polymeric substrates like PP or PE, dry concrete, dry asphalt, and general atmospheric uses. 

Temperature range: Our product delivers its self-healing corrosion prevention properties within -45 to +70°C [-49 to 158 °F] 

Film thickness: 1.2 mm [47 mils] ± 10 % thick (Requires no curing). 

Adhesion: Test #1 - Before aging, peel test at 10 mm/min [⅜”/min]. Test #2 - After 100 days of thermal aging at 70 °C [158 °F] (ISO 21809-3): no signs of adhesive separation

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