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Stopaq Aluclad

STOPAQ® Aluclad FR is an eco-friendly wraparound cladding best suited for outdoor use over insulation materials in HVAC, petrochemical, and building applications. Stopaq® Aluclad FR is made of a reinforced Aluminum backing combined with a non-crystalline, low-viscosity, non-crosslinked, non-reactive, pure homopolymer Polyisobutylene-based flame retardant, self-bonding sealant. The reinforced aluminum backing of this wrap provides vapor barrier properties. Simultaneously, the self-bonding adhesive offers a powerful bond to all types of substrates and its backing. This characteristic then eliminates the risk of water vapor ingress at any of the overlaps. 


  • Provides a water vapor barrier.

  • Great tear resistance.

  • Withstand low temperatures.

  • Great UV-resistance.

  • Flame retardant. 


  • Quick application process. 

  • Adheres easily to nearly all substrates. 

  • Provides long term performance, even if operated at maximum temperatures. 



Chemical and Petrochemical industry: Stopaq Aluclad provides a vapor barrier on thermal insulation materials and acts as sealing tape on installed cladding seams for both hot and cold pipes, vessels, fittings, and more.  

HVAC: The cladding wrap provides a vapor barrier on thermal insulation materials and acts as a sealing tape on seams of installed cladding on HVAC pipes, ducts, and more! 

Building: Our coating acts as a vapor barrier membrane in building construction applications, including windows, doors, walls, and more. 


Aluminum backing: 

The Aluminum layer is 20 μm 

The Aluminum layer and reinforcement is 200 μm 


 Our wrapping is 1.2 ± 0.1 mm thick. 

Temperature ranges 

Installation temperatures: above +10°C [+50 °F]. 

Operational temperatures: from - 45°C to +70°C [-49 to +158 °F].  

Peel strength between layers (overlap) 

The peel strength of our product at 180º angle and 100 mm/min is 

  • at +23°C > 0.2 N/mm 

  • at +70°C > 0.02 N/mm 

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