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Stopaq Wrappingband Products 

Self-healing corrosion preventative Stopaq Wrappingband products 

STOPAQ Wrappingband® products are eco-friendly corrosion preventative wrap materials, which adhere exceptionally well to steel and factory or field applied pipeline coatings. The products are non-toxic, cold-applied, prefabricated wraps based on the pure homopolymer Polyisobutene, a low viscosity, non-crystalline, non-crosslinked (fully amorphous) compound. 

Wrappingband CZ: A low-temperature corrosion preventing wrap material up to 50°C [122℉] used in industries such as buried and immersed pipes for long-lasting quality and in pipe coating repair and rehabilitation  

Wrappingband CZH: A corrosion preventing wrap material up to 70°C [158℉] used in many industries, including piping and vessels, field joints, fittings, and pipe coating repair and rehabilitation to ensure long-lasting water sealant and corrosion prevention.  

Wrappingband CZHT: A high-temperature corrosion preventing wrap material up to 120°C [248℉] used in industries that work with buried and immersed pipes, above ground and offshore pipes and risers, corrosion under insulation, and pipe coating repair and rehabilitation.  

The different Wrappingbands ensure that there is a trustworthy product to prevent corrosion and provide a water-sealed finish no matter the environment.  

Wrappingband CZH-DS: A double-sided corrosion prevention wrap used in industries that deal with piping, vessels, field joints, fittings,  pipe coatings, rehabilitation, and seams and joints to provide a flexible product that can be molded to all substrate surfaces and provide an anti-corrosion watertight seal.   

Wrappingband EZ: A corrosion prevention wrap applied to a wide range of steel structures, rooftop sealing, and tank chime sealing with a paintable surface.   

Wrappingband EZR: A corrosion prevention and water sealing product applied to steel roofs. 

Wrappingband EZHT: A water sealant and corrosion prevention wrap used in steel construction, pipelines, and fittings.  

Contact us now for more information and pricing on our Stopaq Wrappingband products.  

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